October 13, 2013

New Additions.

Soooo if you haven't noticed I've been kind of obsessed with getting new couches (sectional to be exact) since we got married aka almost three years...guess what? After LOTS of saving and time spent debating we finally pulled the trigger on the most amazing, comfortable, best sectional EVERR! We decided to go with the PB Comfort Square L-shaped sectional from Pottery Barn. I mean could Pottery Barn ever lead you a stray? no. Totally loving the new addition to Casa Rod.

First off, it is slipcovered which means I can take the slipcovers off and wash them easily since my little munchkin (Lilly) is a maj shedder and lets be honest ill never not let her get on the couch. We decided to go with the Twill fabric since it is so durable and we are planning on having this sectional for a long time so its needs to survive dogs, moves across the country, and babies (like no time soon but you catch my drift...we will have this investment piece for a while). Not only is it made out of hardy  fabric but it is the most comfortable thing you've ever sat on...like literally Pottery Barn was so spot on with naming it the PB Comfort. OMG. Soooo comfortable. We debated on colors but went with the Parchment color which is neutral enough but not too light as to look like a hot mess from stains, etc. Ideally, I would have loved a cream color but cream colored couches would just not be functional for us....in a magazine=lovely, in my house=not so much/chaos/dogs/etc.

One of the only downsides is that since it is a custom order it takes 6-8 weeks for delivery....meaning our new addition won't be here until December 4th. sigh. At least this gives me something to look forward to/cheer me up during finals...I'll anxiously be anticipating its arrival...maybe ill even do a little studying on it! Getting new furniture meant we had to find something to do with ours so we decided to spread the word and create a Craigslist post to sell our current couches. Can I just say how much Craigslist creeps me out? While I was creating the post for our couches I couldn't help but think about the Craigslist killer and that one time I found the most darling Cavalier for sale on Craigslist that I thought about buying just to turn over to the Dallas chapter of Cavalier Rescue because who sells a cavy on craigslist for $300 in Oak Cliff? they probably stole the poor thing because lets be honest a cavy isn't the typical kind of dog you would find in Oak Cliff.... The listing was only up for about a week with no responses and I was already having nightmares about ending up with two sets of living room furniture in December (hello Type A personality)...thankfully I was able to sell them through someone at the law firm so problem solved! Only downside to that is that we will be without couches for about 3 weeks since they will be picking ours up in mid-November but that's fine...gives me the opportunity to do a deep cleaning in the living room since I NEVER move the couches to vacuum under them...oops. sorry not sorry.

Part of getting a new couch is training Bo to not get on the couches when the new one arrives. Our current loveseat is basically Bo's lounge area...literally. it is his. At first we would try to get him off but since we knew we wouldn't have these couches forever and they were covered with slipcovers we really didn't care but now that we made such a big investment with our new sectional Bo's "lounge area" days are numbered. He will NOT be allowed on the new couch which I can already tell will be a huge issue for him since little Lilly will. We've been trying to start to teach him that he can't get on the couches but he will just BARK BARK BARK nonstop until we are so annoyed we cave. Is this a peek into our future parenting style? I hope not because otherwise our children will rule us and we will have no control. I foresee the purchase of a bark collar in the near future...I am usually not a fan of these because it is a little cruel but there is no way our 85lb hunting dog that sheds like cray is going to be lounging on our new sectional. Sorry buddy...enjoy your limited lounging days.

The second addition to Casa Rod that I am totally loving is the gem of a bar cart I found at Target. Bar carts have been catching my eye on Pinterest and all the blogs I follow...its the cutest new trend in home décor and obvi had to have one not only because its presh but because I really wanted to move our current bar furniture (a mirrored nightstand from Z Gallerie) into our bedroom to make it my bedside table and move my current bedside table into the guest bedroom since we only had one bedside table in the guest room and needed another. Confusing but basically I just wanted to do some maj furniture rearranging...what's new?! I had my eye on this lovely gold and faux bamboo bar cart from Society Social which totally rocks but if you're on a budget or just purchased a mucho expensive sectional (us.) then the Threshold for Target bar cart is for you!

 How darling is this Society Social Bar Cart?! They have tons of different kinds all so cute but this was my fav.

Our Target bar cart. not bad for $120. I purchased a matching wine rack to put on the bottom level and hold bottles. I totally love it. Bar carts are what you make them...its all in how you "style" your bar cart. Flowers, coasters, cute cocktail stirrers, a bar cart print, some adorb cocktail recipe books, and of course having a stocked bar cart makes it fab. Target you win again. you always do.

The third and last addition to Casa Rod...for now. No really, I swear I think I'm done decorating. maybe. Is a cowhide rug layered over a jute rug. Swoon. I love the look and its taken me forever to convince Lucas that we should get the look. He wasn't a huge fan of the cowhide because he said it reminded him of when he was young and didn't like it then? weird. But I've been warming him up to the idea aka just being annoying about it for like the past year so when I found one for a great price on Joss and Main (side note if you don't know what Joss and Main is and you are looking for pieces to decorate your home you're missing out...its like Gilt Groupe but for home décor! Similar to One Kings Lane but a little cheaper in my opinion.obsessed.) I snatched it up!

Cant wait for it to get here! So once I had the cowhide I obvi had to get the jute rug to go underneath it for the layering look so I searched Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair (another great website for home décor) for the perfect one at the best price...success.

Love the layering look. We already have a rug in our living room that matches  perfect/would look weird under the dining room table so switching them around really isn't an option but I think the look will be just as fab under the dining room table where I'm planning on putting it!
On the wish list:
possible new Z Gallerie pillows once the sectional arrives to replace the ones we currently have on Bo's lounging love seat since they are looking pretty rough...they are either give aways or throw aways sadly. I've drycleaned them numerous times and they just don't look the same but this is a wait and see what the sectional looks like/maybe more pillows aren't necessary purchase?
Hermes Avalon Throw. swoon. this is a when I'm officially an attorney way down the road not anytime soon purchase. So lovely though.
Something about fall just makes me want to decorate our home and make it cozy...especially on rainy days like today! Here's to inspired home décor and making your homes lovely & cozy!

August 10, 2013

Ladies Who Brunch

We are always so busy with work, law school, etc. that we are definitely not the kind of ladies who leisurely lunch during the week, which is why Saturday brunch is an all around fave! Girl talk, mimosas, and breakfast goodies...could you imagine a more perfect way to catch up with your girlfriends?! The best thing about brunch though is that you get the joys of sleeping in without giving up the deliciousness that is breakfast (seriously my favorite meal) because brunch doesn't discriminate against late risers like McDonald's does by not serving breakfast past 11am...like really McDonald's that's way too early for a Saturday. So because we all love brunch so much and because I'm living up my last week of summer freedom before beginning my 3L year and law firm job I decided to turn this month's Supper Club dinner into Supper Club brunch instead. And given my love for brunch, current abundance of time, and celebrate-o-holic tendencies I obvi kind went all out. not shocking.

Planning a party literally brings me such joy that it is kind of frightening. Plus I can't help it...I get it from my mother who has her girlfriends over every Thursday evening for cocktails and canapés...they call it "Juevesito." Planning an event gives me an excuse to peruse Pinterest for hours on end with an actual purpose and end goal opposed to the regular kind of Pinterest perusing where you're just pinning stuff for "one day in the future." I wish I was as creative as the people who originally come up with some of the ideas floating around Pinterest...I just see pictures of their lovely visions and put them together in my own way and with a little twist.

First up the table scape. I loved the idea of using a kraft paper roll as the table "linen" because when you're finished you can just throw it away and you can write cute little messages on it with Sharpie like I did here..."Bon Appetit!" Next time though I'm purchasing a thicker Sharpie!

Hydrangeas rock. They last a long time and fill up a big space so I used my fave flower in my fave Mackenzie-Childs teapot to create a girly centerpiece because regular vases are just so blah. And its perched atop this little bark cake stand I found at World Market. World Market has so many gems at such a good price! I also found these cute little mason jar mugs there and I have my eye on a couple of other goodies.

I used little succulent plants as the place setting/party favor since everyone loves succulents, their inexpensive, and they aren't hard to kill (or so I thought before I killed all of mine), I waited until 2 days before the event to purchase them since I was afraid that if they were in my possession for too long they would be dead before the brunch. so sad. I made these little flags using kraft paper and toothpicks....so easy!

A little cucumber mint water quenched our thirst after a couple of mimosas. I infused regular water with mint sprigs and cucumber slices overnight and the morning of added giant ice cubes I made the evening before in a muffin pan that had a cucumber slice in them. refressshhing and tasted like a spa if that makes any sense.

I have an obsession with kraft paper and putting things in frames so the combination of the two for a mimosa bar menu was a given.

Fresh squeezed OJ and Grapefruit juice from Central Market in these lovely little swing bottles from Sur La Table which took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to open the first time....it was one of those "its so easy its hard" type of things. I again used kraft paper and my square whole puncher to makes these labels which I then placed inside place card holders.

Champagne from mini champagne bottles just make your mimosas taste better right?

As garnishes there were mixed berries or these lovely little white sugar swizzle sticks which I also have in brown sugar for my morning coffee. love.

Although I recently dabbled in making my own tissue tassel garland which turned out pretty good for a first try, I ordered this mint and coral beauty from Etsy to hang over the mimosa bar.

I finally got to break in our new buffet/china cabinet! This was pre our near death experience/fire mishap. A. who knew a tea candle could make a ceramic chaffing dish so hot that it would break in half? B. that when a tea candle is burning a small fire that can't be put out by blowing on it, that pouring water on it only makes it 10x worst? We literally had a giant explosion that is only funny now because my new china cabinet is still in perfect condition, my house is still standing, and more importantly no one got hurt...just a little spilled candle wax that got cleaned up right away and didn't stop us from enjoying our mimosas which we all drank down immediately post-fire to calm the nerves. Kind of scary at the moment but sooooo hilarious now! Brunch and a little fire entertainment!

Little greek yogurt parfaits in stem less wine glasses with a wooden spoon attached using gold washi tape. Kristina's parfait has gluten free granola hence the little flag to denote which one is hers to enjoy! Delish!

At our house warming soiree last year we had a Macaroon tree made so for this summer's brunch I decided to make a doughnut hole tree myself. So easy, so good, and so cute...something about it screams Marie Antoinette and France to me! I used a styrofoam cone and little toothpicks to put about 3 boxes of these heavenly powdered doughnut holes onto the tree.

I've always wanted a cake with a huge banner that says "let them eat cake" so I improvised and made this little flag for my doughnut hole tree.

And of course little kraft paper to go boxes so that everyone could take some doughnut holes home as a sweet treat because Lucas and I weren't about to eat that entire thing by ourselves!

Using my new DIY chalkboard!

A view of our little brunch in all its splendor!

Having little events here and there lends to collecting all sorts of party essentials plus crafting the little details to complete the look ends up in an even larger assortment of party goodies in store for the next event which is how I've ended up with all these party pieces...well that and our wedding registry! So here is to good food, good company, and little parties! Happy Brunching!

July 28, 2013

On Holiday: Glamping Edition

Glamping. A fusion of glamour and camping that has exploded and become on overnight sensation. Who knew that 2 years ago when Lucas and I Glamped on our honeymoon in Thailand that we were ahead of the trendsetting travel curve?! But let me tell you from experience that Glamping is totally the way to go for those of us who want to enjoy the outdoors, but would prefer to do it in style and without sacrificing everyday comforts...like an actual bathroom. I am a self-admitted travel snob, yet I am a total fan of Glamping and would recommend it to anyone looking for an out of the box travel experience!

When researching Glamping I came across a website called Glamping.com that is absolutely amaze. It lets you look up Glamping locations by destination, value, and category...if you're interested in further exploring Glamping, this website is the way to go. One of the places that popped up right away when I accessed the website was the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, Thailand, where we spent 3 nights of our Thai honeymoon at. Oh my goodness absolutely one of the most beautiful and amazing places I have ever been to, and if you ever have the opportunity to go you absolutely must!


 They only have 15 tents at the Four Seasons Golden Triangle Thailand making the max # of guests at a time 30, which allows for fab service and such an incredible experience! We were in Tent 12!


But Thailand is admittedly a little far so I looked into Glamping locations within the US and who knew but Montana is the Glamping capital of the US with the most Glamping accommodations available!

My favorite Montana accommodation is this Yellowstone Under Canvas "hotel" just because of its location in relation to Yellowstone National Park. I have never been to Yellowstone but how cool would it be to see Yellowstone Glamping style?! It looks beautiful and it is really reasonably priced....next vacay destination with my husband? looks promising. The wonderful thing about Glamping for me is that Lucas loves the outdoors but I don't necessarily like to rough it as much as he does so this is the perfect compromise that makes us both happy and able to enjoy vacationing the way we want to!

My second favorite Glamping location in the US is the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've never personally been to Jackson Hole but my parents have and said it was absolutely beautiful and this place looks incredible so where do I sign up?

The Glamping gal must always be prepared, so I compiled a list of my favorite Glamping essentials that I would want in my bag on one of these little trips!

I love these Maslin & Co. Zebra Hide Beach Towels complete with crossbody strap for easy toting. Whether it be for the shower or the pool/hot tub at your Glamping location these towels are totally meant for Glamping.
This is what I call a canteen. I love these Oenophilia Sport Wine Canteens which come in your choice of Blanc or Rouge...or both. Perfect to quench your thirst after a long day of Glamping.

Adorb little picnic basket from C. Wonder for a romantic meal outdoors with your significant other while on your Glamping trip.
Who wouldn't want to listen to some jams while in the great outdoors with this Bluetooth streaming, waterproof speaker by ECOXGEAR ?!
Mr. T's Supergoop! is the way to go when it comes to sun protection while Glamping. It is not only sunscreen but Vitamin C for your skin and the best part is that it is spray on so you don't have to get your hands dirty because let's be honest the Glamping gal prefers to not get her hands dirty.
Dry shampoo is nice for everyday life but it is a MUST for keeping those tresses looking lovely while Glamping. Love the Drybar Dry Shampoo
Insect Repellent. Need I say more?
So important to keep our little pouts looking pretty while outdoors and the best part is that the Sugar lip balm by Fresh comes in a variety of colors for the Glamping gal who wants to still look chic without being wearing full makeup while Glamping because full makeup would be a little much...even for the Glamping gal.
Backpacks are a Glamping necessity...why not do it in style?
A safari fedora hat to protect our faces from the outdoors and those pesky wrinkles!
Hunter Wellies because you never know what you might encounter...rain? mud? your wellies have got you covered. it is better to be prepared when Glamping.
I actually own this jacket from J. Crew and love it because its so versatile. Lightweight for when it cools down  a little at night but sturdy enough to keep you warm plus its weather resistant just in case you experience a little rain while Glamping.
Folding Ray Bans? Yes please.
A Glamping trip wouldn't be complete without a camera to capture the amazing moments to remember your Holiday by. I love the Fujifilm Instax Mini because it is just so darn cute and small enough to tote around...plus wouldn't this little camera be the most darling thing to have at a party so you could give your guests instant polaroids as favors?!
Glamping. Go do it. I promise you won't regret it because it is such a unique experience! I can't wait to see what Glamping in the US has to offer and I hope to do it sooner rather than later. Good luck planning your Glamping travel adventure! Xoxo

July 21, 2013

It's All in the Details

I love walking into someone's home for the first time and seeing the décor. In my opinion the way someone decorates their house is a huge reflection of their personality and style...you can immediately walk into someone's house, take a look around, and think to yourself "this is so them." Some people like bright colors, others bold prints, some stay neutral throughout...the possibilities are endless! I'm personally a bold prints mixed with neutrals kind of gal. I have chevron curtains in our living room which are a big statement piece, but for bedrooms I like really soft and neutral colors. Our bedroom is currently beige with all white bedding and light blue accents throughout...so peaceful. I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to cope with all the bright colored walls and fish décor that comes with the typical Florida living that I will be experiencing next year...I foresee lots of neutral paint and whites in my future for a clean and chic coastal living look.

I really enjoy decorating even though I feel like it is always a work in progress. We've been living in our house for over a year now and I am still decorating  and rearranging things everyday even though I am basically finished...all that is left to do is get a new couch. As soon as we are able, I am marching my bootie down to Z Gallerie and purchasing a neutral sectional. The great thing about a neutral colored couch is that you can add some great pillows to add a pop of color and just change them out whenever you want to re-decorate or are just plain tired of the ones you have. I made this mistake of convincing my mom to buy me red couches for our college house. Granted I was 18 and it was cool back then, and honestly they are great couches, extremely comfortable, and in great shape, but at 25 I'm just over the red which is why they have been under slipcovers for the past 2 years. Slipcovers...ugh. I hate slipcovers. When I think of slipcovers I think of trashy old furniture in a boy's college house. vom. I've even tried looking into getting them recovered but for the amount of money its going to cost its not worth it. One time I even thought I had found furniture/fabric paint via Pinterest...but that turned out to be an epic fail as well. When the time comes hopefully I can find my trusty college couches a good home because they have certainly treated me well...if those couches could talk I'm not quite sure we would want to hear the college secrets they have to share...
I have my eye on the lovely Tate sectional. Swoon. One day hopefully sooner than later you will be in my living room.

My house is my little safe-haven from the world and I think that is why I love decorating it so much. My house is where I come home after a long day to unwind, it is where I lay my head down at night, and it is where I spend time with my little family so why shouldn't it be my version of perfect? it should. I love spending time pouring over design magazines, browsing Pinterest or Houzz, or watching HGTV. My house is a mix of old and new, expensive and inexpensive.  I have pieces from Horchow, Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, and Wisteria as well as pieces from IKEA, Target, Tuesday Morning (believe it or not our head board is a gem from this place), and Home Goods. In the end I think it is all about how you put it together and tie in with the details that makes the overall look complete and polished. I'm all about the details. Coffee table books, trays, picture frames, candles, flowers, etc. I feel like a home without details just looks incomplete, but at the same time you have to be careful not to over do it and have your house end up looking knick-knacky. I've definitely been at the knick-knacky stage before and had to dial it back.

 So I am not a huge of built-ins but my house has two built-ins on either side of the fireplace that needed some lovin' so that is when I perfected the art of built-in/bookcase/shelving styling. It actually took me shockingly long to style these the way I wanted but I finally got it done and I'm pretty happy with it! My absolute favorite part of it all though was getting to display one of my most treasured possessions compliments of our Thai honeymoon.

I got this portrait of three young Buddhist monks at a market in Bangkok doing the beloved speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil poses. I carried it with me on every flight on the way back home to make sure it didn't get bent just because I am that obsessed with it. That is one of the beauties of the details in decorating your home...you can use little treasures you've collected throughout your travels or that are special in some way, and I love the idea of displaying something that has a story to it...it could be a conversation piece!

I also love love love the chevron curtains I had made! Window treatments make a world of difference in my opinion and my house was screaming for some! I picked out the fabric, decided to buy some cheap white sheets at Target to use as the lining since it is less expensive than buying white fabric at the store to use as a liner, and then after tirelessly searching for a seamstress that would make them for a reasonable price in Dallas I caved and just mailed all the stuff home to McAllen and had our life-long Mexican seamstress do them...hello cheap labor! I kind of felt like I was ripping her off since I knew how much the ladies in Dallas wanted to charge me but I just couldn't bring myself to pay so much for a home project. I wish I knew how to sew...that is one womanly skill that I did not acquire from my grandmother. The only thing I know how to do is sew on a button, and one time in High School I miraculously sewed a pair of pajama shorts for a class, but besides that my sewing skills are non-existent.

This little gem is also a product of one of my travels, and I love being able to pour sugar into my coffee from it every day. I bought this sugar bowl at the store next door to The Ivy, which sells the pottery they use at the restaurant. It reminds me of our annual LA girls trip and our obsession with eating at The Ivy every time we are in town. It just brings good memories of carefree, lovely California days with my family.



Coffee table books are just fab. They make great décor pieces, guests love to pick them up and browse through them, and they make wonderful gifts! Coffee table books aren't necessarily something you buy yourself everyday which is why I think they are such great gifts...everyone loves them but they are not necessarily on the top of our must buy lists so gifting them is perfect! I've acquired a couple of mine as gifts, others I've purchased myself on Gilt or Amazon at a discounted price! Can't get enough of them. I also love the use of trays to get clutter out of the way! I got the one on our coffee table from the Neiman Marcus for Target line and I am so glad I purchased it. It keeps all the ugly controls out of the way, stores the coasters, and is so easy to just pick up and move to clean the table or if we are eating at the table (which we do a lot!).

I was so honored when the Valley Social Events Magazine decided to have us on the cover and do a spread on our wedding! I just had to frame it and display it because it is such a neat little keepsake from such a special time in our lives! The succulent in a jar is the finishing touch to this little table in our guest room/my office. This succulent arrangement has shockingly survived...I already killed one in our kitchen which I thought was impossible to do since they are so sturdy, but apparently not for me. Maybe one day I'll be able to keep a plant alive...

This is by far my most favorite "detail" in our home. This Tiffany's vase was a very special wedding gift from one of my most treasured friends, and so I decided to fill it with something that I treasure just like our friendship and that is the crystal flowers I wore in my hair the day of our wedding. I love walking by this everyday and I love how the old phone nook in our old house is the perfect little home for such a special detail. P.S. sorry for all the pic designs but I'm currently obsessed with using A Beautiful Mess app.

I loved the idea of a cute bar display from all the blogs I follow so I decided to create one of my own and it honestly makes our bar area look so much more inviting. Cocktails anyone?
This little guy is hanging up over the bar area...I decided that if it fit anywhere in our house it was over the bar. It makes me a little sad that Lucas killed him, but he is pretty on trend with home décor so I guess I can get past the fact that Lucas shot Bambi and just relish in the fact that I didn't have to spend $ on a faux one at Z Gallerie and again it has a story to it!

This piece was an attempt to distract the eye from that hideous cable cord and fill up the mantel with something besides a tv and xbox. mission accomplished...I think?

Thank you Home Goods for my little horsey book end. I actually wanted a horse table lamp, but Lucas put a stop to that one really quick...sometimes I forget I can't make things too feminine. So this book end was the next best thing! I love Home Goods...they have the best finds and especially lamps! If you're in the market for a great lamp this is your place!

This table is actually Lucas' college table from IKEA! I just added a bench and some new chairs from Pottery Barn, a table runner from Williams-Sonoma, and Mackenzie-Childs centerpiece and voila! By dressing up the table you can't even tell its from IKEA...the details make all the difference!

And last but not least one of my favorite yet ridiculous details in my house are Miss Lilly's Mackenzie-Childs bowls and place mat. This little diva got these as a wedding gift (yes I registered for these don't judge me). She has a set in the kitchen as well as a large matching water bowl and mat in our bedroom just in case she gets thirsty at night she can climb down her little steps from our bed and take a sip. I know. Most spoiled dog ever but I can't help it.
There you go...my humble, no decorating background take on home decorating! Doesn't matter where you buy your things since you can mix high end and low end pieces and make them look fab! It's all about how you arrange them together and it is all about the details! Happy decorating!